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Speaking in a Church Worship Service

Alfred would LOVE to visit your church and speak!  To invite Alfred to speak in your church’s worship service, please provide the following information:

  • Date & Time of service
  • Name and address of the church
  • Language (Alfred can speak in English or Cantonese.)
  • Length of message
  • Topic/Bible passage
  • Approximate size and make up of audience(students, young adults, etc.)

Special Presentations

Rising from the Ashes – What depression taught me

The following presentations are built from Alfred’s book “Among the Ashes” but covers each subject area beyond the scope of the book.  Alfred is also available to facilitate a discussion following the presentation if desired.

  1. How Depression led to a renewed and re-imagined theology.  (Time: 1 hour)
  2. Sitting with others among the ashes: How a community can support those who are suffering from depression (Time: 1 hour)
  3. Let There Be Light!  The journey from darkness to hope: How God’s ongoing work of creation breathes life into someone suffering from the darkness of depression. (Time: 1 hour)

Leadership and Community Development

Alfred has the unique experience of crossing over from Church/Pastoral leadership into senior level leadership within the Community Service/not-for-profit sector.  The following presentations are based upon the lessons learned along that journey:

  1. Transferrable Leadership Lessons from my years as a Pastor (Time: 1 hour)
  2. Communication and Leadership (Time: 1 hour)
  3. Community Development 101:  For churches who are looking to “get involved in the community” (Time: 1 hour presentation + facilitation/Q & A  following)

7 thoughts on “Invite Alfred to Speak

  1. Thank you for sharing your encouraging story. I have depression myself and found it difficult to talk to anyone even in church. I have always thought that church should be a place of love and we can find support and caring. In reality it’s not what I expected. I got more hurt in church. And we better pretend that we are “normal” or we’d just be criticized. The things we learned and were taught about love actually does not rally happen in some churches, this has created a great impact on my belief and my faith. Should I go alone with God when no one else seems to understand?

    1. Hi Lai Ting! First of all, thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. From my own experiences, when it comes to the church, I have found it helpful to stop having expectations that just because people stepped inside a building, that their behaviors will somehow be different. Reality is that there are a lot of misunderstanding, stigmatizing, labeling and judging of people who live with mental illness by others, and it doesn’t matter if they are inside or outside the church. That’s one of the reasons why I do the work that I do, to try and raise awareness and reduce the stigma associated with mental illnesses such as depression, and to encourage those who are affected by the disease to live positively and productively. For me, it is not about trying to get the “whole church” to understand me, but rather trying and find the one, two, a few individuals who do, who accepts and love me, and to have them be among my “core friends”. In other words, I don’t believe any of us are meant to “go alone with God”…that is such a lonely place! But I believe if we look hard enough, we will find those who understand and loves us for who we are. All the best to you as we share this journey together!!

  2. Hi Alfred: My name is May. I work in 恩雨之聲電台部. We would like to invite you as our guest speaker in our radio program. Could you please email me back so details would follow when we get in touch. Thanks and God Bless !!!

  3. Alfred:
    How are you doing? Stephen Ng and me would like to invite you to share your experience in June 10, 2017 at NYCBC (North York Chinese Baptist Church) and June 16 in MCBC (Markham Chinese Baptist Church). We don’t know should we have a time to get together and go through the details.
    May God bless your family and your ministry.
    Brian Wong

  4. Alfred:

    How are you doing? It has been a long time and wondering if we could connect. I read from your site that in addition to your book and music, you are doing community outreach among the immigrant population. I’ve been encountering a LOT of family-law/mental health/CAS/cultural issues among Chinese newcomers in my child protection and family law practice. I really want to produce a “travelling road show” about those issues, and would like to make connections. I don’t know if you are interested in doing this as I’m sure you are busy, but if you are, can we get together and discuss? There are so many issues and I’ve seen so many Chinese families split apart (either CAS or separation) and some of the issues could be avoided with some education and connections. Thanks and hope you and Anna and the kids are doing well.

    Tammy Law

  5. Alfred: If you receive this message, could you please call me at my office 416.941.8877. Thanks. Rebecca

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