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Alfred is an author, speaker, musician who lives with a singular passion:  We can create a better world by learning to become better people.

Professionally, he spent 20 years as a pastor, during which time he became one of the first English speaking pastors in Canada to be appointed the Senior Pastor of a Chinese church.  He studied preaching under Dr. Haddon Robinson at the renown Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts, USA and earned his Doctor of Ministry degree.  He has taught preaching in Tyndale Seminary in Toronto as well as Singapore Bible College.

After leaving the pastoral ministry, Alfred began working in the non-profit, community services sector where he now provides senior level leadership in the new immigrant settlement sector.    He took leadership skills developed over two decades as a pastor and apply them cross-sector into his new career.  His areas of expertise includes collaborative leadership, community engagement, innovative program development and incorporating online technologies in service delivery.

His experience of being diagnosed and living with depression has given Alfred a life-long mission to raise awareness and reduce stigma associated with mental illness.  Through his concerts and speaking engagements Alfred inspires hope and offers encouragement to his audiences.  Every time Alfred takes the stage, he uses his story and music to bring people together.  He lets those going through life’s many challenges know that they are not alone, and that adversity brings us together and teach us to help each other become better people at the same time.

Feel free to explore this website to read Alfred’s blog, purchase his book, “Among the Ashes”, invite him to speak, or just to leave him a note to say hi!

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  1. Brenda ip

    HI Alfred, I am not sure if you have remembered me. My name is Brenda, I actually added you in my Face book. I had once contacted you in person about my ministry of 飲食業福音團契, Back then you were still working as a pastor in the church at Birchmount.

    I know it might be kinda awkward, to contact you like that …..um my boy friend he is having his depression now. He is in his early 30ies……and he doesn’t want to be helped. He don’t even want to see me. How should I deal with him? And how should I help him to go see psychiatrist? I am so worry about him.

    If you have time can you reply me and give me some suggestion what should I do?


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