New for 2018 … Own it.

Wow!  Hard to believe we are almost a month into 2018!!  We have certainly hit the ground running in this new year, which in part explains why I have not updated my blog in a while.  The year is not even a month old, and here are some of the trouble that I have already gotten myself into:

  • As I have already posted on my Facebook, I have started working on a sequel to Among the Ashes.  It will chronicle my journey over the next two years as I train to become an Ironman.
  • I have become a sponsored triathlete for the 2018 season!!  No, I am not getting paid 🙂  But it will hopefully give me a platform to promote an active, athletic lifestyle that contributes to mental/emotional wellness.  More on that to come !!
  • At work I am involved in an exciting short film project.  It’s not everyday that we get to do something so far off our normal beaten path.

I will blog more about each of those things (and some more) in upcoming posts, but as we begin this new year, I want to share one simple truth that has changed the way I approach making future plans for my life.  For me, the most important question when I make plans is not what I want to do, what I want to accomplish, etc.  The most important question is rather, how I want to live.

You see, many factors beyond our control can influence whether certain goals get accomplished and certain tasks get done.  But the way that I want to live, is something entirely within my control, and something that I can take ownership of.   And that, taking ownership of my life, is something that I am trying to learn.   I find that my training has been a great place for me to learn that lesson.  When I am in the pool, and I stare at the other end of the pool 25m away, it doesn’t matter if I am tired, or what kind of a day I have had, or whether people have been kind or mean to me.  The only thing that matters, is I have to decide to get to the other wall.  I have to own it.  No excuses.

As we journey on with our plans for the year, lets learn this lesson together.  So that at the end of the year when we look back, regardless of what gets accomplished or what stays undone, we can all say at least that it was a year that we took ownership of our lives, and that we lived the way we wanted to.



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