Among the Ashes…what’s next?


Now that Among the Ashes the concert is done, a few people have asked me what is the next step on the journey. Before thinking about what is next, I want to savor the wonderful evening that we spent together. THANK YOU SO MUCH for being there and for making the evening so special and meaningful for all of us! Some of you were surprised (pleasantly, I hope) that the concert didn’t just talk about depression and mental health, but was built from positive life lessons that we have learned and wanted to share. That is in part by design. We never want to limit our concerts to “target” only mental health issues. Instead, what we want to do is to create a safe, uplifting and positive space where people can listen, reflect, laugh, sing, clap, cry…whatever to enjoy themselves, while having their hearts cared for by God.

In terms of what is next, my passion and desire still is to use my life experience to have conversations and raise awareness about depression and mental health, perhaps especially among communities of faith such as churches. I will be exploring possibilities to partner with other mental health professionals and see how we can use Among the Ashes to help more people. We’ll see what comes around the next corner. If there are ways you can think of that we can partner with your churches, I’d love to hear your ideas!

At the end of the day, I believe the stories of our lives are written by God, one page at a time so that our stories become part of the great big story that He is writing to bless the world. To that end, I look forward to turning the page, and seeing what surprises The Author has in store for us!

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