Something to chew on…a little food for thought

Today, as I continue to read different reactions and response to the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriages last Friday, I noticed one of the common themes mentioned is that gay marriage represents a “re-defining” of the institution of marriage, which God has ordained from the days of creation. For many Christians, that is an absolute non-negotiable. As one prominent Christian leader proclaimed, “God does not change His mind.”

Now, being the “poo-disturber” that I am :-), a question came up for me: Didn’t Jesus Himself “redefined” another institution that God had also ordained right from creation, AND one that was repeated as one of the 10 commandments: The Sabbath?

When people questioned Jesus disciples for breaking the holy Sabbath by picking grains to eat, Jesus gave an Old Testament story where King David also “broke” the Sabbath and ate the consecrated bread because he and his companion were “hungry and in need”. Then He spoke these famous words: “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.” (Reference: Mark chapter 2)

Food for thought 1: When a religious “institution”, even one that was ordained by God from the days of creation comes into conflict with human need and becomes oppressive, God seem to be willing to “change his mind” and “redefine” it.

Food for thought 2: May be there are things that we THINK are non-negotiable, but God has something else in mind.

Interestingly, that passage in Mark chapter 2 about the Sabbath came right after Jesus’ illustration of pouring new wine into old wine skin. The point? God is doing a new thing, which is too new, too lively, too dynamic to be held and defined by “old institutions”.

Just a little something to chew on 🙂

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