Another step forward

Today was the last meeting of the depression support group that I have been co-leading, using Among the Ashes as a discussion text.  Eight weeks ago when we first started I was nervous and apprehensive, not knowing what to expect and how the group would respond to the book.  What an encouraging experience this group turned out to be!

As we concluded our meeting tonight, and as I was signing the book for the participants, each of them told me, in their own way that the thing they enjoyed most about the book was the honesty and transparency.  They felt that it in turn gave them encouragement to be open and honest with what they are going through.  Their gracious response to the book make me feel even more encouraged to keep sharing my story and keep encouraging others.    The last I heard the book has made its way to a few different cities in North America and Asia and generating positive responses.   For me, it has got nothing to do with numbers or sales.  I have believed, from day one that the book will find its way into the hands of those who will be encouraged by it.  If that means 100 people will buy the book in total, that’s fantastic.  If it turns out to be more, cool.  If it’s less, I am fine with that too.

On Saturday June 20, we are celebrating and “officially” launching the book with a concert.  It will be a night where the story of the book will be told through video, music and sharing of stories.  We are looking forward to a fun, intimate and uplifting night.  Just like the book, I believe those who need to be there will find their way there.  We will need your help in getting the word out.  Promotion will begin soon.  Can you give us a hand to spread the message and invite your friends to come and share that special evening with us?

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