I like being a dad more…

Couple of days ago I went to the hospital to visit a colleague who has just given birth.  A nurse came into the room while we were happily chatting, smiled at me and said “Awww…is this the new grandpa?”


Last night I shared the story with the guys at hockey, looking for some sympathy.  Instead, I got mercilessly laughed at and “Grandpa” became my new nickname on the ice.

“Grandpa!  left wing!!!”

“2 on 1, Grandpa, 2 on 1!!”

Whenever I missed a shot, the whole bench chirped: “Come on Grandpa!  Did they teach you to shoot like that in the ‘home’?”

It is a cruel world.

I came home after 1am, and after putting away my gear, noticed that there was still light coming from Taylor’s room.  I went inside and she looked at me with her sheepish smile, “Hi Daddy!”  Turned out she was still up after cleaning her room.

She said she wanted a snack, so I warmed a glass of milk and brought some cookies into her room like I used to do when she was little.  We chatted, about hockey, about school, about friends, about boys.  After she finished her snack, I tucked her in and she said, “Good night Daddy!”

I think I like being a Daddy more than being Grandpa 🙂

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