All things new…

 This is an entry that I have been meaning to write for a while now.  This is a special year for Anna and I as we   are celebrating our 20th wedding annivesary in the Fall.  From our life changing journey over the past few years, we have learned, among other things, not to take anything in life for granted.  That’s why since the beginning of the year we were thinking of how we want to mark the occasion.  We thought of doing some travelling, perhaps exchanging special gifts, jewellery, whatever.  We weren’t sure what we would do, but we knew it will be a special mile-marker along our lives’ narrative.

Among all our possible plans, in our wildest dreams we couldn’t have imagined the gift that we’d receive to celebrate the occasion.  For the first time after 20 years of marriage, we discovered that Anna is pregnant!!  We are expecting a baby girl sometime this June.  We will be parents once again and Taylor will be a big sister!!

Perhaps this is fitting after all. Over the past number of years we have learned you never know what is in store when you turn the page.  And because of that, you can never give up on hope.  For our closest friends, those who have faithfully walked with us will know and appreciate just how great a miracle this is.  Our hope is that this is not just our miracle but yours as well to encourage and inspire you to keep hoping and keep turning the pages in your stories.

As far as work, I am busy as ever working in newcomer settlement and community development.  I continue to be active in speaking out for the cause of mental health awareness and stigma reduction through my music and life story.  Here’s another glimpse of what’s to come:  Over the Christmas holiday, when I had some quality time of reflection I wrote a new song, simply called “New Song”.  The musicians have finished rehearsing and we are scheduled to start recording this coming weekend!  We will also be producing a music video to it.  Perhaps later on we can organize a little new song cafe/mini concert to release the song and the video AND celebrating our 20th Anniversary AND welcoming the newest member of our family.  What do you say?  You game for a good party? 🙂

For a sneak peek, here’s a couple of lines of the song’s lyrics…from me, to you:

“Each day gives us a new song

The world waits, would you sing along?

Shout light into this darkness, Breathe life pour hope into this madness….”


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