Looking back on Sichuan…

Last night our music team gathered and had a debriefing session. For myself, it was literally the first time I had seen the other members since I had gotten back to Toronto. Almost as soon as we got back together, we started FD-ing again without missing a beat. (FD is a term we were introduced to by Brian, our member from Calgary when we were in Sichuan. It stands for “Fat Din” in Cantonese which means “being crazy”.

It was Mandy’s birthday and members of the Sichuan team secretly made a video for her with different people sending her birthday wishes and compiled into one video. Needless to say, tears flowed freely as she watched it.

During the evening, as we shared about our where we are at after the Sichuan trip, I began to notice one common thread…basically all six of us, despite different background and age (okay, okay, 5 of us were similar in age, being younger, with yours truly being “a little” more…let’s say, ‘matured’), were all at a point in life where we feel we want to do something different, but unsure of what, where, when, or how.

Could this be a reason why we were brought together as a team? Not just to put together the Sichuan music project, but also to help each other as we each pursuit our dreams and calling after the trip is over? Is it possible that there will be something in each of our dreams that we share in common that will bring us together again?

I can’t wait…

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